Feeding station for gestating sows in group housing

New EU regulation is stating that as from 1 January 2013 all sows from four days after natural or artificial insemination must be housed in groups up to one week before the expected farrowing time. The most ideal solution is a feeding station with possibilities for small static groups to large dynamic groups. We as developer and producer of the Compufeeder have already many years of experience with this form of innovative group housing systems for the modern pig breeding industry.

Efficient management is crucial for the continuity and growth of your business. Especially within the modern pig breeding industry. With the use of the Compufeeder system in combination with our renewed management software package “P.P.P.” (Prima Pork Professional) passes you far ahead on all developments within this market. This system is fully developed in collaboration with the practice and therefore becomes a very efficient and user-friendly sow feeding system, which also makes it very easy to respond to changes in your farm size.