Why group housing with Compufeeder

Individual feed provision of multiple feed types

The Compufeeder system is based on individual feed supply, providing each animal the proper nutrition in the correct quantity. This individual treatment assures a good condition and health of your animals and provides a great saving on your feed and labour costs.
Up to two feed types + medication can be provided individually.

Provision of medication or deworm treatment possible

The system also features a unique opportunity for the provision of medication or a deworm treatment.

Automatic separation on each feeding station

The design of the system makes it possible to equip every Compufeeder with a selection unit. So there is a lot of flexibility in creating groups. By means of the settings that you enter in your management system, animals can be separated out of the group automatically. The time-consuming fetching of sows is a thing of the past.

Open system

Because the Compufeeder is equipped with fencing there is no tunnel effect. As a result, the sows do not hesitate to go into the station. Especially in learning process this is a great advantage. The sow can see what is happening around her. This will decrease the stress factor to a minimum. At the head of the sow, the fences are partly closed to create a quiet place to eat. During the learning process it is always possible to open the entrance door manually.

Electronic entrance and trough identification

The feeders are equipped with access identification/recognition to prevent unnecessary entrance to the feeding station. As a sow has no feed credit the entrance door will not open. The Compufeeder also has a patented walk along protection system which prevents a second sow to enter the feeding station. This minimizes stress within the group and improves animal welfare. The entrance has antennas on both sides so it does not matter whether the transponder is adapted left or right.

Almost all transponders (HDX en FDX ISO ID) which are available can be used with the Compufeeder system. Optional is the auto tuning recognition system with the automatic adjustment of antenna field strength.

Paint marker unit

As an option, the system can be equipped with a paint marker unit. You can enter in the management software which sow numbers should be highlighted. The relevant sows will be marked the next time they visit a station.

Trough situated right in front of the sow natural attitude while eating.

The trough is situated right in front of the sow. So the sow eats in a natural attitude and can leave the station without moving backwards.

Automatic trough shutter prevents delay in the feeding station

The trough shutter closes automatically after the sow has reached her maximum feed supply. This keeps a sow no longer in the feeding station than necessary.
The stainless steel trough has a special shape to avoid wastage of feed and is easy to clean by the sow. The trough shutter is locked and it is impossible to open it in the closed position.
If the back door is open the trough shutter is always closed.

All foot supports stainless steel.

All components of the station which are mounted on the floor are made of stainless steel in order to guarantee a long life of the feeding station.

Heat detection.

An accurate and on time determination of a sow in heat, is an important tool that determines the efficiency of production to a large extent. When a sow in heat is detected, the software automatically gives an attention. The animal can optionally be separated or marked with a color at her next visit to the Compufeeder system.

Reader and mobile app.

The reader in combination with the mobile app on your phone or tablet gives you the possibility to add or remove sows from the group directly. The app is always in live contact with your management program on the computer.
In this app you can see most of the data from all sows and change it if you like.

Prima Porc Professional software.

Efficient management is crucial for the continuity and growth of your business. Especially within the modern pig breeding industry. With the use of the Compufeeder system in combination with our renewed management software package “P.P.P.” (Prima Pork Professional) passes you far ahead on all developments within this market. This system is fully developed in collaboration with the practice and therefore becomes a very efficient and user-friendly sow feeding system, which also makes it very easy to respond to changes in your farm size.